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Announcement regarding the Renewal of Yamato Transport's Homepage

9 January, 2018

Thank you for using Yamato Transport as always.
To enhance the convenience of customers, the design and contents of our homepage will be renewed on 10th January, 2018 (Wed).

1. Renewal Overview

  1. (1)Overall Top Page

    An overall top page to direct customers who are living in Japan, traveling to Japan or business users to each related page will be newly established.

    Image: Overall top page

    Image of the overall top page


    • *Same URL for smartphones and computers.
  2. (2)Contents
    1. (i)"Living in Japan" Page

      Placing frequently-used functions, such as tracking parcels and redelivery requests at the top and contents such as the procedures for parcels pickup will be added.

      Image of Living in Japan page

      Image of "Living in Japan" page

    2. (ii)"Traveling to Japan" Page

      This page introduces the merits and ways of using "Hands-Free Travel" services, which include luggage delivery from the airport to accommodation and luggage storage, for travelers to Japan.

      Image of Traveling to Japan page

      Image of "Traveling to Japan" page

    3. (iii)"Business" Page

      This page introduces services for business users and examples of solutions which Yamato Group provides.

      Image of Business page

      Image of "Business" page

  3. (3)Languages Available

    "Living in Japan" page: English, Simplified Chinese

    "Traveling to Japan" page: English, Simplified Chinese

    "Business" page: English only

2. Renewal Date and Time

10th January, 2018 (Wed) 6:00 am